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Privacy Policy

Data collection and processing of http data

When visiting our website and using data output, our web server collects information (e.g. type of browser, day and time of day when info is collected). These data do not refer to a particular person, so we are not able to allocate the data to a particular natural person. All data serve the sole purpose of statistics. There is no data transfer or network conducted by us. Data are deleted after statistical use regularly within a week’s time. Data will not be passed on unless within regular business procedures concerning your commission.

Use of personal data

Personal data will be collected only to the extent you provide us with them with your knowing. Use of personal data for market research or advertising, or to aid our services will only be made with your prior consent. Your are able to withdraw your granted consent at any time. The purpose for which data may be processed are explained accordingly in respective places of our websites and will not be changed subsequently. Communication of data to a third party may only take place within transactions of your commission, or without your consent if we have to act according to the law.