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Es begann in Afrika

The photo book ES BEGANN IN AFRIKA (IT BEGAN IN AFIRCA) by the German photographer Thomas Dressler is a new highlight for all fans of Africa and its wildlife! The vision of Africa and the longing for the untamed and unlimited paradise of wild animals – these dreamlike and archetypically African images truly exist – where gentle giraffes stride leisurely across seemingly endless savannahs illuminated by the glowing ember of the setting sun. Here’s a fantastic book with sensational animal photography!

“In my photo book, I portray Africa’s unique fauna in captivating images of the perennially fascinating big animals and predatory cats. But I also show you pictures of amazing and rare animals that you’ve never seen before. To enhance my readers’ understanding, all depicted species are briefly described in the appendix; and for a few select photos, I tell ‘the true story behind the picture.’ These are the narratives that I’ve brought back from many years as a photographer in Africa – exciting, authentic tales about my experiences with wild animals.”
Thomas Dressler, wildlife photographer

Photography:Thomas Dressler
ISBN 978-3-934020-79-5
dimensions 30 x 24 cm
144 pages
123 photographs in full color
texts in german language
hardcover thread-bound
Price: 19,90 EUR (incl. tax)