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Zurück nach Afrika

The Photographer Gabriela Staebler is one of the world's best internationally known nature photographers. She taught herself the skills of wildlife photography and has freelanced since 1989 as a photographer and author of magazines, books, and calendar publications in Germany and abroad. Even the world-renowned "National Geographic" magazine has published photos shot by Gabriela Staebler.

In addition to showing her work in these printed media, she also regularly presents her work at exhibitions and slide shows, on television and radio broadcasts, at readings and photo workshops. Her special field is the natural and animal world of Africa. Many of her photos have won prizes in international photo competitions. Thus far, Gabriela Staebler has published five nonfiction books for young people. Back to Africa is her first exclusive photobook devoted to African wildlife.
Several times each year, she spends a few weeks traveling with an off-road vehicle and a tent, searching for motifs in Africa's nature preserves and wildlife sanctuaries. Her primary interest is not solely to depict wild animals in fascinating photos, but also to study the animals' behavior in their natural environments.
Every photo is a true-to-life, accurate portrait of animal behavior in the wild. No animal's behavior was influenced or disturbed by the photographic work. The photos in this volume are original shots and have not been digitally altered.

Photography:Gabriela Staebler
ISBN 978-3-934020-80-1
dimensions 30 x 24 cm
144 pages
124 photographs in full color
texts in german language
hardcover thread-bound
Price: 19,90 EUR (incl. tax)

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