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Black & Grey Tattoo 1

Band 1: Traditional Black & Grey
List of tattoo artists in this book:

BLACK & GREY TATTOO 1: Jack Rudy, Jesus "Chuey" Quintanar, Freddy Negrete, Isaiah Negrete, Mark Mahoney, Timothy Hendricks, Antonio Mejia, Guero Gallegos, El Choky, Chris Brand, Ben Grillo, Pablo Ash, Maneko, Allan Padilla, Krazy K, Eddy Reyes, Scrappy, Tatu Will, Enrique Castillo, El Stomper, Goethe, Clarens Monroy, Chente, Espi, Mister Cartoon, Abey Alvarez, Diego Garcia, Lil Roy, Pint, Laura Satana, Indio Reyes, Jose Lopez.

From Street Art to Fine Art

The first volume, Traditional Black & Grey, is somewhat of a misnomer as it’s simply called “black & grey” in the tattoo community. But now that greyscale tattooing has moved in different artistic directions, the “traditional” label is used to set it apart from its offshoots. Traditional black & grey denotes tattoo art that has stayed true to its roots — a time when homemade machines made of cassette motors and guitar strings dipped in India ink and wash were used to mark skin. The essence of black & grey art is captured in the photography of co-author Edgar Hoill. Select imagery, with quotes from the artists and collectors, leads this volume followed by interviews with Jack Rudy, the Godfather of Black & Grey; as well as tattoo prodigy Jesus “Chuey” Quintanar. Their stories and tattoo work precede the gallery, which includes tattoos from other pioneers of the style: Freddy Negrete, Brian Everett, and Mark Mahoney.

ISBN 978-3-934020-85-6
Mammoth three-volume:
large-format hardcover books,
24,5 x 31,5 cm
covers with silver embossing;
a total of 1008 pages

(BLACK & GREY TATTOO 1 – Traditional; 336 pages)
(BLACK & GREY TATTOO 2 – Dark/Horror; 400 pages)
(BLACK & GREY TATTOO 3 – Photorealism; 272 pages)
texts in English, German and Spanish
more than 860 full-color photographs
This 10 kg (22lb) heavyweight comes in a sturdy high-quality hardcover box inside a carrier case

BLACK & GREY TATTOO 1-3 - ISBN 978-3-934020-85-6

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