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Black & Grey Tattoo 3

Band 3: The photorealism
List of tattoo artists in this book:

BLACK & GREY TATTOO 3: Bob Tyrrell, Andy Engel, Mayin, Bernie Luther, Robert Pho, Wayan Suryana, Brian Everett, Tony Mancia, Kore Flatmo, Enrico Ferracuti, Zsolt Sarkozi, Stefano Alcantara, Jason Butcher, Kari Barba, Mofo, Tim Kern, Leslie Reesen, Dougie Mittz, Paco Arias, Abey Alvarez, Pablo X-No, Jack Ribeiro

From Street Art to Fine Art

The Photorealism volume encapsulates work that takes photorealistic art and translates it on the body. While the other chapters also feature realism, this chapter concentrates on portraiture, scenery, and even fantastical images rendered in true-to-life tableaux. Two artists renowned in this style, Bob Tyrrell and Andy Engel, talk about how they honed their craft and even offer tips on how others can do so as well. Their interviews are followed by work that has invigorated the tattoo community with the possibilities of mastering a difficult art on a difficult canvas.
All three volumes in this one collection are meant to inspire, showing just how beautiful black & grey tattoo art can be.

Autoren: Marisa Kakoulas und Edgar Hoill
ISBN 978-3-934020-85-6
Mammoth three-volume:
large-format hardcover books,
24,5 x 31,5 cm
covers with silver embossing; a total of 1008 pages

(BLACK &GREY TATTOO 1 – Traditional; 336 pages)
(BLACK & GREY TATTOO 2 – Dark/Horror; 400 pages)
(BLACK & GREY TATTOO 3 – Photorealism; 272 pages)
texts in English, German and Spanish
more than 860 full-color photographs
This 10 kg (22lb) heavyweight comes in a sturdy high-quality hardcover box inside a carrier case

BLACK & GREY TATTOO 1-3 - ISBN 978-3-934020-85-6

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