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Super Sweet Girls 2

Each photo shoot has the value of a unique journey. It is the art of photographer Mikhail Paramonov to take the portraits just in that moment when the young women start to discover sexual lust. Before his lens, they leave all prudishness behind and feel free. A bra strap is taken off, panties are sliding down. Their faces become hot and their cheeks turn red. Paramonov’s pictures are less about the nudity of the models than that key moment, making the images so powerful.

The symbolic phase of transition and recognizing – to love and to be loved. In this album, this border takes many invisible shapes. The beautiful pictures of Mikhail Paramonov are like a strip-tease show: they get their intensity from the way the young women preserve their mystery until the very last moment. Then, they pull back the curtain, open their legs and feel the new world, proud of their own power.

ISBN 978-3-943105-54-4
Photography: Mikhail Paramonov
128 pages
Format: 28 x 20 cm
165 color photographs
Texts English, German, French
Price: 59,90 €