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TranceRelax 3 by Tarshito & Friends

"Music is the ultimate artform. It is the only one of the major artforms one can enjoy outwardly and innwardly either with eyes open or closed. For me it is expression, an outlet for my creativity, a way of communicating both with musicians and listeners, a way to have fun, a way to be social, a way to be alone, the ultimate meditation and one of the most powerful healing modalities. I'm a composer so I enjoy the act of creating and producing a musical work, but it's all just to arrive in this moment, here and now. So the ultimate music is improvisation when I'm not following anything pre-arranged, the music is flowing through me, the "I" is not present. No thoughts, my fingers or voice go to notes automatically. That's it! Inspired compositions come from this magical state of being, which I try to capture in my recorded music.” Tarshito 2005
Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, Tarshito is essentially a self-taught musician with some musical studies through Witwatersrand University, Johannesburg and Berkely Jazz School, Boston, USA. Longtime exponent of celestial music, he has followed a diverse and fascinating path into the hypnotic forest of ambient music. While studying Mechanical Engeneering at university he blossomed as a composer and diversified as a guitarist playing with some leading South African musicians. Experimenting with sounds, recordings of nauture and creating ambient music tapes in the mid-seventies, he was way ahead of his time. Tarshito also had some T.V. and recording experiences with more conventional music. Not being one to sit solely in his studio and dream, Tarshito has gone ”on location” to feel out haunting atmospheres to enrich his music. After post-graduating in Solar Energy at the University of Cape Town in 1977, he ”hit the road”, spending the next five years travelling through South America learning the music of Brazil, Peru, Bolivia and Chile. He performed with leading musicians, and played in sacred Incan temples. A series of solo concerts, ”Rock-Ragas and Mantras” (a unique blend of Indian ragas), were very well received in Brazil and Chile. They were followed by a year of playing meditation and celebration music in meditation centres in Brazil, california and in South afrika, where Tarshito finally returned in 1983. There he recorded music for T.V. and video.
In 1985 he moved to Australia, living today at Mullumbimy, a small town in the famous Byron Bay shire. Indian, Latin and African tribal music have had a strong influence on Tarshito. He blends the ”primitive” with rock, jazz and classical notations to give his work a unique power. Ambient music has long been recognised for its therapeutic relaxing qualities, and Tarshito’s is no exeption. Practitioners of many kinds of alternate healing techniques have used his music to accompany their work. Tarshito records his albums in his home-built, solar powered studio, situated near his house in the Australian rainforest. There he is free to create whenever he is in-spired, surrounded by the beauty and power of nature.

TranceRelax 3
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“Floating sound. The new TranceRelax series eternalizes the music of Tarshito & Friends from Byron Bay, Australia, as well as the relaxing vibes of Trancepilots, Andy Holm and Celestial Dreaming on two disks in a series of five. Listeners who are ready to surrender and allow themselves to be carried away by the healing effects of this hypnotic music of the spheres will immerse themselves in an extraordinarily harmonious and diverse sonic bath of ambient sound. Tarshito has already implemented his therapeutic approach in many music projects around the world. He experiments with recordings of natural sounds, unusual rhythms and diverse acoustic stimuli, traditional ragas and his own improvisations. Sangeet’s meditative sitar alternates here with playfully driving rhythms. Didgeridoo, cello, flute and natural sounds interplay with the sitar to create a virtuosic serenity. Yet despite all the classical virtuosity, the sonic plexus runs so freely that the listener feels as though these musicians hadn’t intervened in the acoustic event at all. 
TranceRelax4 by Tarshito & Friends has an energizing effect: the music whirls, breaks and glides like waves in the surf. TranceRelax3 focuses on peaceful dreaming and serene relaxation: guitar arpeggios and gentle sitar sounds, echo and repeat to give this recording an almost sacral character. Some of the melodic phrases seem to vibrate in endless echoes before descending into insistent nuances or expanding the resonant space. But beware: Tarshito & Friends could lovingly transport their listeners into extraordinary states of consciousness!”
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“The Australians tend to be a relaxed group of people. And nowhere are the Aussies more laid back than at Byron Bay, a uniquely energetic power spot on the extreme easternmost coast of the Fifth Continent. Byron Bay is also the birthplace of the majority of the music in the new TranceRelax Music Collection from Edition Reuss Publishers. This collection includes five CDs filled with relaxing music to accompany yoga, meditation and massage, or simply to inspired the listener’s dreams. Many of these compositions were inspired by the fascinating natural environment of this unique Australian locality. The listener’s mind, body and soul are soothed by the swish and rustle of the ocean and by impressions of natural beauty that have been magically transformed into sounds.
Raga-based compositions, underlain with mysterious didgeridoo sounds, create a relaxing feeling. In addition to the didgeridoo, the sonic mix also includes numerous less-familiar instruments, e.g. the kalimba (a thumb piano) or the bermbau (an Afro-Brazilian string instrument). But this music isn’t played solely by Australian natives and immigrants to Australia. Musicians from many countries collaborated to create this extraordinary collection, which includes a wide spectrum of relaxing music for various moods and situations. TranceRelax 2, which features music by a group called ‘Celestial Dreaming,’ is especially suitable for meditation. Other CDs in the collection even include danceable tracks, e.g. TranceRelax 3 and 4 by Tarshito & Friends. The first collection of its kind, here’s soothing sonic balsam for mind and spirit.”
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