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Erotic Fantasies

What could be more erotic than these perfectly shaped thighs veiled in silk that makes the flesh transparent? What could be more erotic than those buttocks parting in such an obscene manner between two sheathes made of shiny material? That “fucking feeling” provoked by certain textiles drives thousands of women crazy. The more tight-fitting and skin-like the material, the more likely it is to make them swoon. That is why every new discovery in the field of skin-like fabrics arouses passions in its wake—including sexual ones. In Peter Czernich’s photographs the lust of the models is tangible. Unmistakably they exude provocative moistness through the amorphous fabric. Varnished breasts, thighs covered with sticky sweat, the mouth a pearly gloss, moist lips—Peter Czernich’s models do not gloss over anything!

ISBN 978-3-943105-27-8
photography: Peter W. Czernich
112 pages
format: 17 x 24 cm
108 color photographs
texts German, English, French
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