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Color Tattoo Art

List of tattoo artists in this book:

Joe Capobianco, Genko, Fred Laverne, Bammer, Daveee, Woodpecker, Josh Woods, Steph D., Dimitri, Gunnar, Kristel Oreto, Eva Schatz, Jime Litwalk, Kowhey, Broda, Slawek, May, Tony Ciavarro, Tiraf, Holly Azzara, Ed Perdomo, Jee, Ulrich Krammer, King Rat, Leo, Joako, Sean Herman, Naoki, Fide, Electric Pick, Leah Moule, Jesse Smith, Morof, Jason Stephan, Kozuru, Ivana, Dave Fox, Gerrit Termaat, Peter Bobek, Scott Olive, Kosei, Olivier.

This breathtaking volume COLOR TATTOO ART presents 42 of the world’s best tattoo artists for Comics, Cartoon, Pin-Up, Manga and New School. The book is dedicated to graphic, animated tattoos as well as the fine art of tattooists. Many of the impressive color tattoos are shown full page. In addition you will find a rich selection of scetches, paintings and artwork.
Today the color tattoo styles are blurring and evolving at a great pace, these highly saturated “color bombs” are moving in different directions, defying easy classification with a catchy title. Color Tattoo Art is a wondrous and wild ride around the world and a great source book to inspire your own imagination.

Author: Marisa Kakoulas
ISBN 978-3-934020-93-1
large format 24,5 x 31,5 cm
496 pages
texts in D, E, FR
about 580 images printed in full color
hard cover
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The masters of the tattoo art books return with what very well may be their greatest achievement to date. Color Tattoo Art has more life within its pages than your average person. Seriously. I absolutely adore what Edition Reuss create with their books, and this one will have every single reader wishing they had more than one body to achieve anywhere near this level of collecting. The list of names in the book alone is enough to send you back to the drawing board with your skin plans. From Jesse Smith, Jime Litwalk and Dave Fox over to Peter Bobek, Scott Olive and Holly Azzara – just about everybody who is on the tip of the tongue is featured in this massive 496 page monster. If you’re going to pick it up at a show, do so on your way home – it weighs a freaking ton. As usual, the production values are second to none, and if these guys don’t put out the greatest tattoo art books on the planet, then show me who does. It might have a hefty price tag, but as anybody who is serious about collecting will tell you, nothing great comes cheap in this game. One thing is worth nothing at this stage of the game: Color Tattoo Art is the first book on the market to begin to eradicate genre stereotypes. New school/old school – it really doesn’t matter. A great tattoo is a great tattoo – and you’re either good at it or you’re not. Absolutely essential.



Color Tattoo Art follows in the same vein as the previous titles whereby the book is of an incredible stature. Hard-backed and full to the gunwales with glorious, mouth-watering, glossy photographs of colour tattoos coming from the machines of a new generation of colour tattooists. Marisa, the book’s author, has managed to encompass 42 collections of colour tattoo artists who are riding the colour wave at the moment. Colourful tattoos have been with us from the days where tattooists would boast of having ‘more than three colours’ to where artists today have an ever-increasing palette available to them. The guys in Color Tattoo Art are at the pinnacle of this movement. Each and every one chronicled in the book shows off not only their extreme telants as artists but many use their colour and humorous tattoos as a means of expressing their political views as a multi-coloured two fingers up to society. Some may look at the tattoos in this book as mere ‘pretty pictures’ but each and every piece shows a never before seen step up on the tattoo ladder, pushing the benchmark in the craft higher and higher. Pictorially heavy, this book is an absolute pleasure to own and flick through for reference or just a constant source of wonderment at the skills shown by these artists. Interspersed with the stunning full-page photographs are a collection of interesting interviews with some of the more outspoken artists, making Color Tattoo Art not only a good look, but a bloody good read too!



Five star customer review at 5.0 out of 5 stars A-MAZ-ING!! ”If you have an interest in tattoos or colourful art in general, this is the book for you. Jaw-dropping work throughout a beautifully substantial volume. You may have cause for concern over the price... you don't need to. I haven’t once thought about the cost (until now!) since turning the first pages. If you have the money, buy it.”
Amazon (United Kingdom)



A must have for any serous tattoo aficionado’s collection, Color Tattoo Art is a vivid, oversized tome of beautifully rendered skin art, grouped together by author Marisa Kakoulas under the title ”illustrative tattoos”. Containing tattoos, sketches, fine art and interviews from a veritable Who’s Who in modern inkslinging, this book treats its subjects with the utmost respect; most of the tattoos are reprinted individually on full 12 x 9 pages so that the reader can spend time visually roaming around the stunning detail and glorious color of each piece. The book is an investment for sure, but one most definitely worth picking up – which is no small feat, since it contains nearly 500 pages and weights in at just under 8 pounds!



Amazing Color Tats! The breathtaking artwork from artists such as Joe Capobianco, Genko, Fred Laverne, Jesse Smith, Sean Herman, and many other amazing artists contained inside serves as a great source of inspiration for your own imagination.



Five star customer review at 5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant Books! ”I bought these while browsing the internet as I was looking for some very nice tattoo books of a large size with plenty of pictures. These do not fail in those categories. They are very heavy, quite large, with some of the best tattoo works I have seen, all on nicely done full glossy pictures. They are not cheap but well worth the money for books that people will want to flick through all the time. You can also get an idea of some very good tattoo artists and styles. If you are looking to get a tattoo from the world’s best, they are all in here. I recommend these books!”
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The artwork in this book speaks for itself, page after colorful page. The work is as varied as the artists and covers a wide scope of subjects. This book isn’t just for tattoo artists and enthusiasts. As I mentioned previously, this is an art book. Anyone with an appreciation of art and particularly street and underground artwork, graffiti, comic art and the lowbrow art movement will appreciate this book.



Les Edition Reuss, qui nous avaient déjà gratifés de ”Tattoo in Japan” et ”Black Tattoo Art”, viennent de sortir le magnifique ”Color Tattoo Art”, imposant ouvrage, qui, fort de 580 images aux couleurs pétaradantes compilées par Marisa Kakoulas, vous donnera un aperçu conséquent de ce qui se fait de mieux en comics, cartoon, mange, new school... avec parmi d’autres les Français Steph D, Oliver, ti Raf.